This morning I'm having Assam tea in a cup I recently bought from the potter Paul Herman (he's my brother). It's handmade of course - beautifully glazed, then wood-fired. Very special. I showed it to some people in my ceramics studio yesterday and one of them - an excellent potter herself - asked if she could buy it!  But I said no, it's mine.

By the way, the teapot shown in the header for this site is also one of Paul's creations.

  • Here's a link to Paul's website - http://greatbasinpottery.com/
The potted rose tree on our front porch suddenly has eight blossoms (and a rosebud). I love it! The past few days we've had temperatures climbing into the high 80s. As one of my neighbors said as we passed on the sidewalk, "Someone turned on summer!" However the coastal fog is supposed to be coming in which should cool things down somewhat in the next couple of days.

Meanwhile I'm starting my day with a pot of mellow Scottish Breakfast tea from Taylor's of Harrogate.
It's a warm day, with scattered showers - perfect for the beginning of April! We're having Awake Tea from Tazo this morning.

The snapshot above is one I took of some blossom-laden branches near the ceramics studio where I spend a lot of time. The photo below was just sent to me by my sister in North Carolina, of her backyard.

Here's a haiku I composed in honor of the season the other day:

Scent of new-mown grass -

Our dog Merlin has green feet -

Spring is here for sure!

Lying in bed this morning I was inspired by the avian sounds outside to compose the following poem:

Waking Up

Cacophonous geese

all around us – their squawks

fill the morning air.

A light trill of a different kind

underlies the wall of sound –

it remains, the bird warbling on,

after the geese have gone.

The first stanza was a haiku, but I had more to say which didn't fit in that format, so it turned out to be another sort of poem. Ces't la vie.

Anyhow, it's a beautiful morning, and we're enjoying a pot of Numi Tea's Magnolia Puerh Tea. Have a good one!
This is a mixed media artwork I created just the other day for an exhibit called CreativiTea which will be shown at the ACCI Gallery in Berkeley, starting less than a week from now. I brought it, along with 4 of my other tea-related pieces, over there yesterday; I'll find out if they've been accepted for the show in a couple of days. I hardly ever enter my artwork in such things, due to the high cost in time, energy & money (there are entry fees!). But I couldn't resist this one - the subject is such a natural for me! (If interested, you can view two of the other pieces I made for the show by clicking on the link to my art blog in the right-hand column, at the end of the "About Me" section.)

Sorry I've been so lax in posting lately. I used to post here almost every day, but what can you do - there's just way too much stuff happening in my life! Most of it is good; I'm not complaining.

Meanwhile it's a slightly overcast morning, and they say some rain may fall soon. I've made us a nice pot of Scottish Breakfast tea* to jumpstart the day.

* from Taylor's of Harrogate - it's one of my favorite breakfast blends

It's cool but sunny out today. We haven't had much rain lately, but they say there will be a few showers around the Bay in a day or two. Not that I'm complaining!

This morning we're drinking Kalami Assam tea (from Ahmad Tea) - a nice strong Indian brew.

Above are some of my recent ceramic raku wall plaques. If you're interested, there are more such (and other artwork of mine) on my other blog. There's a link to that site on the bottom line of "About Me," on the right side of this screen
This morning when I went out with my little dog the almost-full moon was very bright above the trees. The snapshot above doesn't really do it justice, but it's better than nothing.

We're having Revolution Tea's lovely blend, White Pear Tea, this morning. I especially like it when I don't want too much caffiene.
This morning we're having a pot of Mt Everest Breakfast Blend, an excellent loose tea given to me by a friend which I haven't been able to find a source for - but fortunately we still have a fairly good supply.  It's a hazy morning and I took the snapshot of the dawn sky shown above about 45 minutes ago. It's been quite cold and dry lately, but they predict some rain in a day or two, along with some warmer weather. Winter in California!

Here's a link to Rob Brezsny's astrological website, specifically to a page with his predictions for this new year, by astrological sign. He's really good - smart, irreverent & funny - check it out (if the link doesn't work, you can just and copy and paste it into the web browser window):

I just took this snapshot of the sunrise from our balcony. It's a cold winter's morn - 36 degrees outside when I got up today. But that's warmer than it was yesterday, when it was 32 degrees out - i.e., freezing! We're taking the chill off with a nice pot of large-leaf Ceylon tea made with loose tea from the bulk jars at Country Cheese in Berkeley.

This cold weather makes me think of the winter of 1972-73, when I first came to the SF Bay Area. That year it got down to 18 degrees and many trees froze, wreaking havoc all over the place. Such a surprise to one who was expecting a "sunny California" experience! But fortunately I had brought my heavy wool coat with me from the east coast so I survived and ultimately prospered. I loved it here anyway, and I have never regretted staying.

We had a pleasant but rather hectic holiday week, capped by back-to-back colds (my husband and me), which is one reason I've been so remiss about posting. But we are feeling better now and have high hopes for the new year. Here's a wish for a Happy New Year to all those who stop by to check out my blog!

Yellow ginko leaves

With crystal dewdrops litter

The grass and walkways.

Since we’re only a few days away from Winter Solstice, here’s my latest haiku, which celebrates autumn. It’s raining now - I took the snapshot of a misty sunrise below a couple of days ago.
I love this time of year, so poignantly changeable!

This morning I'm having my last pot of Green Tea with Lemongrass and Verbena, which was discontinued by the Wissotzky Tea Company some time ago. It's one of my favorite blends and I've tried to replicate it myself, without success.

Oh well, that's life - after savoring it this last time, I'll be ready to move on.